Gabriel & Co.

Silver Boutique Collection is stunning, alluring and bold - desinged to turn heads & redefine indulgence for a woman who is ready to make a statement & chooses the best.


Luxury swiss watchmaker known in recent years for its tactic, or T-Touch technology, several new watches have touch sensative sapphire crystals. Include compasses, barometers, altemeters and thermometers.


Seiko believes that the wristwatch is an intimate accessory. The best watches live in harmony & interact with the wearer, and their functions offer a reassuring and emmotionally satisfying bond. Seiko's technological development is focused on the creation of emotional technologies.

Luxury Giftware

Stunning jewelry boxes handcrafted from some of the finest Italian, African and Indian woods available today. Beautifully handcrafted gemstones globes, w/14K gold plated & pewter stands. Keepsake boxes & collectables meticulously handcrafted and an assortment of fine giftware all from the very best materials available. Something for everyone.