The Sketch

It all starts with an idea, which is then transcribed onto paper. Whether our client draws it out themselves, or we sketch it out for them: the design is brought to life first through pen or pencil.

Enter the Cad Designer

Once a design has been selected, one of our experienced CAD designers takes over the process. Their mission is to take the two dimensional drawing and create a 3D object the client can view from every perspective.

Photo Realistic Renderings

After the piece has been created by the designers, we use photo realistic rendering software to show the client a preview of what the finished item will look like.

Creating A Wax

Per approval of the renderings, we take the CAD file created by the designers and build a wax model of the piece. Using two of the latest technologies in the jewelry fabrication industry, we can construct a representation of any piece we design for the customer to view and fit.

Final Milestones

In the finishing stages of the custom design process the baton is past to our expert jewelers. The piece is then cast, sanded, filed and stones are set. The final polish is applied, and the item is cleaned and ready for inspection. Once it passes inspection, it is ready for the client to admire and wear.