Happy Birthday, November!
Two gems are appropriate for November birthdays - Topaz and Citrine. They are often confused because of their yellow color.
Topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors; yellow, blue, pink and colorless. The most sought after, natural, rare and the birthstone for November is “Precious Topaz” or “Imperial Topaz”. Topaz was revered by the Egyptians and Romans, who associated it with the setting sun. Russian Tsars of the 17th century claimed exclusive rights to the pink topaz gemstones that were mined in Russia, hence the name Imperial Topaz.
From pale amber with glowing browns touched with peach to peachy-pink overtones, Imperial Topaz is mesmerizing. Topaz is symbolic of love, affection and facilitates the balance of emotions and protects from greed.
Imperial Topaz is the gemstone for the 50th wedding anniversary.
Citrine, the other birthstone for November is known as the "healing quartz". Quartz is one of the most important minerals on earth and makes up one of the most popular gemstone groups in the world of colored stones. It is the second most abundant mineral found in Earth's continental crust, second only to the feldspars. The name 'quartz' is thought to be derived from the German word 'quarz', which likely originated from the Slavic and Polish words meaning 'hard'. This golden gemstone is said to support vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy and warmth within the wearer. Citrine can be found in a variety of shades ranging from pastel yellow to dark brownish orange. It is one of the most affordable of gemstones and plentiful in nature.
Citrine is the gemstone for the 11th and 13th wedding anniversary.
Crystal quartz often grows together creating a bi-color stone called Ametrine. Although amethyst is very abundant, natural citrine is considerably rare and since citrine is rare, deposits of natural ametrine are very limited. The most desirable ametrine stones are those with an even 50/50 split of color.
Whether you choose an Imperial Topaz or Citrine for your birthstone, both are very durable gemstones, ideal for jewelry and resistant to every day wear. Whether you fancy white gold or yellow, rings, earrings or pendants, come and select a one of a kind. As earrings, ring or pendant either stone is definitely a romantic gift for the one you love!
Whichever you choose, please let Cassio Creations color your world.